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Does utorrent lock folders in any way?


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I download stuff in a folder called Downloads Unfinished and when it's done it moves to Downloads Finished. I have made six custom context menus for winrar which goes from c to h. C looks like this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="(Value not set)"


@="Extract to C:\\"


@="C:\\Programs\\WinRAR\\WinRAR.exe x -kb %1 C:\\"

Now the problem is that any archive, weather directly inside Downloads Unfinished Or Finished or in a folder under those two folders won't extract with my custom winrarmenus. if i move any archive or any folder containing any archive out of these two folders OR if i change the name of these two folders, any archives extracts fine. now why is this? is this a problem with utorrent, the context menus or some windows thing?

I dont know if this is relevant info but i have two harddrives setup this way: hd1 c: (system) d: e:, hd2 f: (pagefile, temp) g: (download folders) h:

EDIT: Solved it myself. Had to put " around %1.

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It doesn't make them read only, but it's supposed to lock access to the files while writing them. It will also lock the files from writing if reading from them, for obvious reasons. But that won't stop an app from READING them, unless it tries to get exclusive access.

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uTorrent 1.8.2 doesn't seem to lock much of anything. I was just downloading a couple torrents, then I started a simple file-copy backup of the drive where the torrents' data was being saved. One of the torrents bombed and uTorrent issued an "Error opening" message. The backup utility was simply reading the torrent data and copying it elsewhere.

I've done this exact thing many, many times with "that other" client, and this has never happened.

I've disabled the diskio.flush_files setting but have not tested it yet.

It seems that by hurrying to close file handles, uTorrent prioritizes reduced memory usage over robust operation.

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I had the same problem.

This is because the downloaded files inherit the sharing permission from when they were created. As utorrent stores the files in one directory while downloading, then moves the files to a directory you specify when they finish downloading, the sharing permission they end up with is inherited from the first directory.


1. Go to utorrent preferences -> directories

2. Set the "put new downloads in" directory to your_shared_folder\incomplete

3. Set the "move completed downloads to" directory to your_shared_folder

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