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utorrent 1.8.1 doesnt seem to respect the upload limits


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Hey fellas,

From time to time utorrent raises my upload to ridiculous ammounts for a few seconds so my download rate bites the dust so bad. IT happenes even if i limit the upload to the reasonable ammount my crappy connection allows me to do. Yes i have a poor connection, max 110k/s DL and anything beyond 20k/s upload just screws my download rate like nobodys bizz. The program often pumps it to 40k/s and then my DL quickly goes to 7-10 k/s until the up goes down to around 20 k/s again.

Any ideas on how do i avoid this problem in utorrent? Never happened to me when i used bitcomet, but i think utorrent is the best, but now with this problem, im not sure.

Would apreciate any help on that matter, and sorry for my bad english, not my primary. ;)

P.S: if u are about to troll me cuzz i have a poor connection, please save yours and my time, take a deep breath, and go outside to see the sun! :P

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