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Network overload with version 1.4


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My utorrent 1.4 tends to overload the network which makes for example browsing extremly slow, like waiting 5 seconds for a page to load, sometimes pages are only partially displayed or worse: it doesn't load at all. I also notice in connection monitor apps i have that the net is flooded with connection attempts from utorrent. I compared it to version 1.3 and there are significantly less connection attempts. It feels like being ddosed from the inside. I think at least my router feels that way. I'm an experienced bittorrent user, so don't tell me to limit upload or check max connections or disable dht, lol, i did it already.

I'm not sure, but i heard the round robin connection method was introduced in the current version, and that there are some routers having problems with that. Though, i doubt it's actually that, since the connections utorrent tries to establish and also recieves are not in comparison to version 1.3. I know 1.3 has some problems getting peers, but to flood the network with connection attempts certainly doesn't solve the problem. I almost never had the problem of network overloading with other bt apps, and if so it was either upload or max. connections.

I have a router(Lynksys DI-804 HV) plus software firewall(sygate pers.firewall pro) and the problems appear only with utorrent 1.4

I hardly doubt the problem lies within my configuration which means there should be others out there expierencing the same bottleneck effect.

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