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Down Speed problem tried EVERTHING!


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Ok here we go, I did EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING, and nothing helps. I think its important to note that I had uTorrent

before running excelent with excelent speeds, now all I get is bearly a 0.2 -0.7 Kbs and the upload even reaches 10.0 Kbs more than

the download!

- Restarted everything

- Lowerd net.max_halfopen to 8 and 4

- Disabled IP resolving

- Disabled DHT

- Disabled UPnP NAT -PMP

- Disabled peer.resolve_country

- Lowerd maximum globa number of connetions to 100 and 50.

- Patched TCPIP.sys with lates patch.

- Connected my comp directly to modem

- Green network status light

- Openoffice and Slackware downloaded, it got max 45 Kbs. (I am sure this isnt a torrent problem because I have download many

many files from the same place with the same amount of seeds &leechers and it worked fine)

- Enabled Protocl Encryption

- Made sure peer.lazy_bitfield

- Tested connection with Glasnost - everthing was good.

- ReInstalled uTorrent

- I have NOD32 and I excluded utorrent.exe as explained.

Port Checker - "OK! Port 42340 is open and accepting connections."

Using XP SP2

Anti-Virus - NOD32 and PeerGuardian 2 with utorrent.com Allowed

Router: 3com 3CRWER100-75


ISP: Bezeq International - Ltd

Connection Type: Cable

Speed Test Result : 373952597.png

Now about what happened between the time that it worked until a couple of days ago I don't know, I had problems with my router

and internet, a computer tech took it and fixed. Maybe it's that but I don't know what he has done this is another reason I'm posting

this - I tried everything and I'm hopless :(

Thx for any help, torrent is like water for me...

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Are you only supposed to be getting 1.5 Mbit download cable internet?? Those numbers definitely look shaped... does your ISP have a policy for excessive bandwidth usage? Or follow a "shaping profile" effectively giving users less bandwidth during certain times of the day "to alleviate congestion"?

If even the test torrents suffer speeds it definitely doesn't sound like your setup, or any hardware you have control over. Is the router ISP supplied? Or only the modem?

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If it's not ISP supplied, you could check around for additional/alternate firmware or setups found online. I'm not sure 3com normally allows that.. but it's something to check.

What does the "plans" page show for your ISP.. i.e. what speeds according to THEM are you supposed to be getting for how much you're paying? For the current values, if you set Ctrl-G values to xx/128 which is about what you're getting now... it'll still be under/around your current maximum of 13 upload. If you check in Windows Task Manager, does it show traffic outbound at that level? or much higher?

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