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Need advice on large file upload and download


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i have a video production company and our editors are spread out throughout the US. We need to upload our own footage online so that the editors can access the footage and complete their assignment. I know that FTP is very slow and these files that we would be uploaded are very large ...up to 6gig each. I saw online something about bit torrent as an option. Is it true that I can upload large files for free and that it is faster? I have DSL right now, but I was recommended to find a way to increase my internet speed. Also, on the bit torrent site there is something called BitTorrent DNA which claims to make the file sharing process faster. Has anyone had experience with this? I was thinking of compressing the files to a .rar format and then uploading. What would you recommend would be the fastest way for me to upload large media files so that our staff can access them. And what about their download rate. They, I am assuming would also need a high speed internet connection. Also, what about privacy. Is there a way to ensure that we could have privacy with our files? Your advice would be soo much appreciated!!

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Of course you can share a 6GB file, I already saw torrents of 100 or 200GB.

You can install a (private) tracker on your server or just use a public tracker if your content doesn't need to be private.

Using a public tracker allows you to don't support and manage a tracker. In adddition you can clearly install a bittorrent client on your server and use it like a seedbox for your clients.

Anyway don't compress your data especially if they are huge because the leecher should use 2x6GB.

In addition RAR archive is not very powerfull with media files (a gain of 0.5 or max 1% is useless), just use RAR archives if you share photosets with many images or stg like that.

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wow!! That is great news!!! My phone service has a high speed option that allows me to download up to 50mbps and upload up to 20mbps. I am going to get that as well and am assuming that it should help a great deal. Would it be realistic to assume that i can transfer a 2gig file in about 2 minutes? I am obviously new to this and need to learn about uploading media files and compression rates. Thank you for the advice on compression. I really need the help. its also great to see that there are torrents out there that are 100 -200GB. I have another question though, how do i install a private tracker and how would you upload raw video files.

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Yeah your phone service can be a solution but 20Mbps is not the best.

I dunno where you are but if you are in Europe, the best is to rent a dedicated server like Kimsufi or LeaseWeb with 2GB of RAM, 250 GB of HD and an unmetered 100 Mbps connection.

http://www.kimsufi.co.uk/ (£ prices)

http://www.kimsufi.com/ (€ prices)

In addition you have a large choice of OS (Linux, Win, etc...). You can install a bittorrent client like uTorrent etc...

Private tracker is a feature to maintain privacy: your clients will have a login/pwd and only them can dwl your torrents.

Anyway I dont know how is big your client pool but if you have 10 clients e.g. you should stay as "permanent" seeder (from your server) to provide a good UL speed for one or two leechers in the time...

Bigger is your swarm, longer your torrents stay alive with a decent sharing bandwidth.

2 GB in 2 min ?

At least a connection of 16 MB/s ie 133 Mbps. Anyway 50 Mbps is good if you seed during 1 or 2 hours.

About sharing, you can UL/DL with bittorrent as you want: media files, distro, applications, updates, images, documents etc... ALL numeric data.

About tracker there are free scripts like Torrent Trader or XBTT:

http://www.torrenttrader.com/ (http://sourceforge.net/projects/torrenttrader/) - A good one


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OH geez..I am confused. Can someone explain this to me in simple and non technical terms? I am new to this and really need to understand. I understand utorrent...but how I can get a private tracker...I don't know and I have heard that there could be issues with parsing files? These files need to be uncompressed in their original format. Should I just pay a TON of money and get a dedicated server? I don't want to do that. I think this can be done here. Am I right?

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