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need help. shouldnt take too long to explain it to me.


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Itunes has its own folder doesn't it. Why don't you copy that information from the library and folder structure across computers. If the program doesn't make it easy, choose a better library program.

As for torrenting, sure. You setup a client on one, create the torrents, make sure local peer discovery is enabled. Setup the client on the receiver, ditto regarding local peers, and start them about the same time. It may be faster to use the http://PC.LOCAL.IP.ADDRESS:PORT/announce as the tracker instead of using DHT or a blank announce. Depending on the timing. In reality if you transfer the torrents, and start the receiver first, then start the seeder it should pick up from LPD almost immediately. Relying on DHT may take two announces and a tracker announce at minimum when using any tracker irregardless if you use built-in or some public one.

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