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good upload bad download


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hi every1...

this is my first message.... hope you guys will help me out.

i have 256Kb/s speed (that is what my isp says). my download speed always stays in the average of 10KB/s mostly below, but upload is too good, i have limited my upload to 20KB/s and it stays exactly there. when i use other download software like orbit, limewire etc download speed stays in the average of 27KB/s.

below i have given my utorrent settings:-

port - 45629

append .!ut to incomplete files (unchecked)

pre-allocate all files (checked)

prevent standby if there are active torrents (checked)

enable UPnp port mapping (unchecked)

randomize port each start (unchecked)

enable NAT-PMP port mapping (checked)

windows firewall exception (unchecked, firewall turned off)

global maximum upload rate - 20KB/s

maxmum download rate - 30

maximum number of connection - 130

maximum number ofconnected peers per torrent - 30

number of upload slots per torrent - 4

use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90% (checked)

enable DHT network (checked)

ask tracker for scrape information (checked)

enable DHT for new torrents (checked)

enable peer exchange (checked)

enable local peer discovery (checked)

limit local peer bandwidth (unchecked)

protocol encryption (enabled)

allow incoming legacy connection (checked)

net.max_halfopen is 50

hope this will do.........

eagerly waiting for any reply........... tanks in advance

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