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Port not open with Tp-link router and Windows XP - I am desperate!!!


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I have this problem.

All my details:

OS: Windows Xp sp2

Router: TP-Link TL-WR524G

Firewall: Sygate

Antivirus: Avast

Torrent Client: uTorrent 1.8.1.

Provider: Fastweb (italy)

Connection: ADSL 6Mb

I am not a full noob, so i read a lot of post here and in other forums and I tried to fix this problem, but I failed

I forwarded the port in my router.

I Uncecked the "Enable UPnP" in utorrent

I Uncecked the "Enable NaT-PMP" in utorrent

I Uncecked the "Randomize port each start" in utorrent

I Allowed utorrent in Sygate firewall

I Completely stopped Windows firewall (alg.exe is not running)

I Did everything i read about, even uninstalled firewall/antivirus and tried another torrent client.

but still when I test the port, utorrent says "Port 53924 does not appear to be open"

so utorrent cannot accept incoming connection and I have this "boring" yellow triangle saying

"No incoming connections. Unless your icon turn green, it could indicate a problem with your network configuration"

The download speed is good (up to 500-600 kb/s), but the upload is very low (never more than 20 kb/s)

What did i forget to do?

I am desperate!!!

Can someone help me to fix this problem?

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