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Downloading files are not showing


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Hi guys, I'm having a very bad problem. I don't see any downloding/downloaded files.

When I right click on: Open Containing Folder, I see my desktop (my default) but I don't see any new folders.

I have tried changing the download destination : exemple my documents\downloads; but even then, Utorrent doesn't seem to "create" any files. I see the status bar go all up to 100%... but I don't see any files. I looks like they are not downloaded at all...

When I right click on : Open Containing Folder (when I let Utorrent name a specific folder for the torrent : exemple book collection's name. It says that the destination is not available, It might be no a drive or on an other server... I really don't get it. I just have one log in and my CPU isn't connected to any other devices...

I'm running XP...

Please help

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