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Users, let's work together!


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I want new features and fixes for the new Mac uTorrent client added as much as you guys do, but most topics cover already submitted requests and generates a lot of redundant info. So I was thinking how we could manage this stuff as users more efficient for the dev. team of uTorrent.

I've just opened a page at Uservoice as a user project for users of this absolute amazing client, to submit their bugs, features requests, etc. Also vote for the request already made, that you want as badly as the other users do.

It's a try-out to see if this tool works better for feature requests, etc and let me know what you think about this idea. Let's try it out and see how it works out!

You can join and participate one http://utorrent.uservoice.com/

Note: In the description of the request, you may add the forum topic url. So users can discuss about the specific request on this forum.

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We had one of those for the windows section of feature requests.

It turned out to be largely useless there too.

We already have a place for users to submit bug reports and feature requests, but people don't use the search function.

<edit>Official response:

If we wanted to use such a service, we would have set up the service ourselves.

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