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Opening port(s) - a security risk?


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A dumb computer connected to the internet cannot get infected from the internet.

Likewise, a program correctly programmed to simply ignore any traffic that doesn't make "sense" to it cannot get infected from the internet. Unfortunately there's 2 exceptions to this:

1.If the program allows you to download and run viruses...and then it's partially your own fault for running an unknown program without running it through anti-virus software.

2.If the net-using program automatically downloads and runs viruses...or trojans possibly disguised as upgrades. (Microsoft has been doing the latter for years, but strangely almost nobody makes a big deal of it.)

So because your computer is probably running Microsoft software on it, it is by its very nature vulnerable to upgrades...I mean trojans...and possibly viruses as well. However if the ip ports exposed to the internet are not ones used by any Microsoft programs in their current configuration then there should be no appreciable decrease in security by opening the ports for use with µTorrent.

...which unfortunately is another way to say you don't really have much security to begin with. But actually a good software firewall or router will block almost all the nasties out there. However it won't block the ones you actively seek out. So if you surf porn or software "cracks and hacks", you'll probably get something nasty to boot.

This is one of the reasons why you should make back-ups occassionally. You never know when Microsoft software might break itself even without outside help.

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