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Not logging blocked connections


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Alright, I believe I have setup everything correctly.

I downloaded nipfilter.dat from Bluetack, renamed it to ipfilter.dat, and pasted it into C:\Users\Lin Tsu\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent.

In Preferences, ipfilter.enable is set to TRUE and I have ticked 'log blocked connections' in the Logger.

Only 2 items appear:

'Loaded ipfilters.dat (241887 entries)'

'IPv6 is installed.'

After hours of running the torrents, there are absolutely no blocked connections. The logs for incoming/outgoing connections work...

HELP please. Thanks.

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Actually no. I've had some reports from people that monitor this sort of stuff that the bluetack lists actually funnel you into the bad guys.

Having nothing blocking actually gives you a reduced chance of connecting to one of the bad guys' systems, since you're not blocking the hungreds of thousands of innocents that got blocked because bluetack doesn't bother researching at all.

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