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Torrent Client lags internet connection!


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Ok first post, be gentle :)

Here's the deal, I've used torrents for quite a few years now - all different clients, and I know this question can be related to almost any torrent client, I'm just currently using Utorrent right now.

My problem has been with any torrent client. I open up the client - the second I start making connections to peers/seeds my internet speed hits an all time low - to a point where pages wont load, then there's the trouble of either being an ass and closing the client or suck it and leave the client open so you can get that good ol' 1:1 share ratio.

I'm on a 10meg connection and I limit my download speed to around 40kb/s and upload to around 20kb/s with the optional 40kb/s when not downloading.

Now, a 10meg connection gives me a good 1250kb/s download speed and if I limit my client to less than 10% of that - how is it destroying my connection every time its open ?

Thanks for any help,


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