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port and peers problem!!!!


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it seems i can connect to very few peers, while downloading a torrent it connects with only 5 to 10 peers/seeds out of 300 and more available...(i have set my global maximum no. of connection to 60 and maximum no of connection per torrent to 35 and my bandwidth is 256kb/s

and my indicator is red, i have never been able to pass the port forwarding but even without passing the port forward i got descent download. so i thought it will be ok. But lately there is great reduction on download speed. i think the problem is with my nothing being able to connect to more peers....

i read the tutorials for port forwarding..... everywhere it says about router. and i m confused about router. my network cable is connected to a Ethernet hub(PoE) powerdesin 3001, is it a router??? and when i type my default gateway ip address in the web browser it shows error in page....

M confused.... plz help

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