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Slow download and upload speed.. Puzzeling


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Hello I first want to say that I have some computer experiance but this time I am a lot puzzled.. This is my setup

In Malta with isp SIS.

Connected to internet is a D-Link 855 router and then to my computer.

When I do "normal" speed test on intenet I get roughly 4Mbit up and down.

When I downloaded a 14MB file from website I calculated 1,7 Mbit downloading speed (I clocked it and did some math)

But when I try to download through torrent I only get roughly 72Kbit up and 170KBit down... (so very slow) :(

I have tried many diferent ports but to no avail.

I have checked thru utorrent and it says that port forwarding is ok. I have tried another router with another computer (different brands) (only thing in common was that OS=WinVista) .. Same problem.. So my belife is that it's something with ISP.

I also went in to Glasnost and measured, all speeds was in the slow range, but it said that it could not detect any issue with ISP...

So do anybody know what the problem is, and/or how to fix it??? Im getting desperate.


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