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Force a Router to work as a bridge


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Hi guys, first of all I want to apologize about my English, I'm from Argentina and I'm not use to write on English.

Here's my problem. I have an ADSL modem, that actually works as a router, it has a fancy router configuration page, with limit configuration options (port forwarding and DMZ, that's all). This is the brand and model: Huawei - SmartAX MT882.

On the other side I have a common WRTG54G V5.0 router. I use the search option and somebody commented out that I have to set one of them as a bridge so my port forwarding could actually work.

Does anybody know a solution for this problem or had the same/similar problem? I'm asking this because uTorrent could not get an open port. I always get the red signal :(. Readed the speed guide, also the one that tells you how to forward ports, depending on the router model. Uploads works perfect.

Thanks to all

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You need to setup the rules, for one router. Ideally yes you should turn off the router on one router to bridge mode HOWEVER you can setup two rules, one for the huawei, to the wrt, and the OTHER from the WRT to your PC. For the rules, you would DEFINITELY need to keep track of the correct IP addresses. Ideally, set them up differently, i.e. the huawei is EXTERNAL ( --> LAN (192.168.0.x) HUAWEI --> (LAN WRT) 192.168.1.X --> PCs

You would NEED to keep the same PORT even though BOTH rules are set for different IP addresses.

Does it really seem unable to turn off the router (turn on bridge mode) for the WRT? Or even the HUAWEI... but then all your PCs have to connect to the WRT, as the huawei isn't doing any switching.

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Hi guys, I just wanted to upload a different solution for the problem I had. Here are step by step

1) Enter in IE or FF, if this asks a password, type the one you created if you didn't created one, then its usr: admin | pass: admin

2) Now that you are logged in type

3) Put your Huawei router to work as bridge. Change the option router to bridge ---> This is the last step from the Huawei side

4) Now at the Linksys router, type, enter your user and password

5) At the Setup menu change the "Internet Connection Type" and type your adsl username and your adsl password

6) Reboot your computer

And hopefully that will fix all the problems you had. I had a couple of links that really helped me, but they are on Spanish. If somebody still wants this links, send me a pm.


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