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Why some torrents don't download on uT but do on BitTornado/Torrent?


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ok, I tried the Ultima's troubleshooting guide & no improvement.

As mentioned using the same PC a torrent doesn't download on uTorrent (no peers) but if I use BitTornado/BitTorrent I see ~15 peers.

Why would that difference be?

Also with uTorrent, If I pause all other torrents to give that one all the port it makes no difference & often with a Torrent that does download when I do that to speed it up it actually causes it to slow or stop (maybe cause I'm not sharing overall?

It seems uTorrent doesn't connect as well to peers, any way to imrpove that or tell the programming staff to look into it?

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It wasn't clear from you message how I tell if they're all using udp & I don't see that in the tracker tab. Can you be more specific what to click then what to look for?

what is udp?

even if all they did use udp non-standardized would that cuase Bit Tornado to see more peers & thus Download better?

Often uTorrent shows a few or no peers while on the same PC & Torrent Bit Tornado shows ~10-15?

Why isn't uTorrent seeing those peers?

I have the max connections 120, per torrent 25 & upload 3

even if I stop all other torrents it doesn't help.

Maybe there's a bug in utorrent?

I just took a torrent from uTorrent that wasn't downloading at all & only had one seed. I loaded it into Bittornado & it had 3 seeds and was downloading at 30 kB/s. What's wrong with UTorrents that it's not seeing the seeders & downloading?

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If a tracker is listed as:


instead of:



Meaning uTorrent cannot connect to that tracker to get a list of ANY peer/seed ips.

Maybe BitTornado's UPnP is working when uTorrent's is not?

If you're firewalled in uTorrent you cannot connect to other firewalled peers/seeds.

So is/was uTorrent firewalled?

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ok, I checked the torrents I've been refering to & none have udp trackers.

I don't believe firewalls a problem, I setup windows firewall & router to allow port forwarding & I have a green all is ok from uTorrent.

Any other ideas? Otherwise I"ll just have to use bit tornado to finsih torrents that are stalled in utorrent (a pain)

Thanks for your time though I hope we can find the problem

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I don't know of any difference in settings it's like apples & oranges, they very different. I don't hink it's a seetign I changed. I think it's the way it's setup (maybe it's default). Do you really think it would be worth me typing the settings for each? ugh :(

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