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New hard drive noise


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My old Maxtor Diamondmax plus 80 gb ATA/133 HDD never gave me trouble (a lot of noise) using utorrent.

For two days now I am using a new Maxtor Diamondmax plus 10 250 gb p-ata/133 (7200RPM 16MB) and even when I am only seeding a torrent (using utorrent 1.4) my hard drive produces noise every two seconds (which drives me nuts). When using my old hard drive I never noticed utorrent was running cause it made not such noises. I raised my disko.write_queue_size to 32768 but that didn't help.

I want to know if there a logic explanation for the increased noise production in comparison to my old hard drives or is it my hard drive which does not work correct?

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Bigger hard drives make more noise (and generate more heat).

It follows that they have more platters and gubbins inside them.

Also i've noticed that 7200 rpm is becoming the standard now rather than 5400.

So they're really cheap and really fast........ if you think you're gonna get "quiet" as well, you're dreaming.

You could think about getting a better case(s).

I use Antec cases with extra sound-proofing and side loading drive trays (with rubber mountings).

Helps a little.

Anyway, tell me about it.

I've got 12 drives running in this room alone!

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