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[observation] ipfilter.dat doesn't block trackers?


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I dont know if this could/should be classified as a bug or not, more of an observation :P lol.

I just noticed 3 lines in my logger,

[11:04:53]  IpFilter blocked peer
[11:10:53] IpFilter blocked peer
[11:15:53] IpFilter blocked peer

and well, turns out that IP actually belongs (it resolves) to one of the trackers' torrents which I have loaded/downloading in µtorrent.

tracker.revision3.com:20000 is the tracker, which resolves to

But, I actually finished that download, and am seeding. and so, apparantly µtorrent allowed me to connect to the "tracker", but won't let the tracker send me data?

But every 5 minutes or so (well, look at the time stamp :P) it's noting that IP address as being blocked.

Is this normal, that I was even able to 'connect' to the tracker? Tracker status shows as "working" and all :P

So, I guess, perhaps maybe tracker.revision3.com has some web-based Bittorrent client loaded, to keep their BT releases seeded even after/if everyone leaves?

Copy Peerlist entries:

Also, from what I noticed, ipfilter.dat does not "filter" UDP/DHT packets/connections, is that right?

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