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torrent stop donoading in u.a.e????


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hi everybo

i m in u.a.e since last 6 or 7 day all my downloading stopped.ALL torrent turns red as per torrent help its tracker error.

Do any body have the same proble my neighboours have the same problem.do anybody have any idea what is it.I am using 1.8.1 .or is it blocked in U.a.e


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u iIDIOT!!!

im in uae too n for christ's sake read the bloody paper!!!

in the mediterranian sea 2 internet cables got cut thanks to a ships anchor

it is affecting a couple of asian countries(including uae) ,india, etc.

france telecon n ksa is helping to repair it work has started blah blah ....wait for a couple of days or do what im doin

leave ur torrents downloading n hope ur peer exchange(in µT 1.8.1) helps u get connections (works for me)!

about the tracker's ..u cant connect to em as we don't got connectivity



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hi retah

first of all thanks soooooo much.I m realy realxed at least some body cofirmed that its cable problem however i know about cable problem.I was looking for confirmtion from other side of u.a.e that u did for me.Have sweet dreams.thanks.

Second for christ's sake dont suggest at least me to trust such a scrutinized media as its in U.A.E .Its true i never read the news papers.

Any way many many thanks to you ((Retah)) and my regards and thanks to ((Ultima)) for raising the voice.


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I am new to uae and to utorrent. Unluckily i started on it and was totally frustrated when i read that it may work if i wait for a few days. Great.

But would i still be needed to go for a static IP add? Portforwarding test shows error. even the network status icon doesnot show up.

Does etisalat provide static ip address free of cost/ or else, what is the process of obtaining it?


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Hello all. This cable problem is affecting the ISP in Kuwait as well as all the countries east of the Mediterranian sea all the way to the Indian subcontinent. I think there is more to it than just a ship anchoring and hiting the cable in the middle of no where !! like hiting shooting a hand gun and accidentally killing a lobster ! what a lucky shot, or shall I say waht an unlucky anchor. Please get real.

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I am also in UAE.

And was able to download nomrally untill 24 Dec.

But after that all the torrents are not able to conncet to any peer or seeds.

availablity is showing Red and download arrows are turned red.

Is any body now able to download ? please update. ..

Otherwise internet is working fine.

I have tried to change all the settings but nothing worked out

Is any body have updates about situaltion and when will be restored back.


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Update what?

Without knowing what happened to your line and if/how your ISP is interfering, a random change to "combat" that will likely just make things worse. :(

What hardware is your ISP using to cripple the line?

Does wireshark show RST packets where they don't belong?

Do peers/seeds even connect briefly?

Is uTorrent even showing connection attempts in logger?

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No peer/seeds are connected

Logger tab is only showing "IPv6 is intalled"

In tracker status status it is showing

"Connection closed by peer" or "offline (timed out)"

I have tried also everything but not able to download.

I have tried with bit torrent also but nothing happening.

Otherwise internet is working normally



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Unless you have a file/media indexer running on your computer that's corrupting your torrent files, there's probably nothing you can do.

The source for that torrent probably doesn't have more than 99.4% either.

Did you check availability and/or what percentage other peers were at?

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i have been facing the same issues since last week

utorrent completely stopped responding. weneva i start utorrent it shows DHT: 0 nodes (login) after couple of seconds it shows Waiting to log in and my torrents turn red and trackers go offline.

limewire pro is also not working since last week. both the softwares were working before but now its just not working.

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Yo Guys/Gals

This problem is indeed with the cables

Officials say the cables will be up and running by 30 dec

Just Keep your torrents on download try the coming days

Yes Youtube is also not opening...its as if the servers disappeared from the internet

al of this started on the 19th of december (friday) The same day the cables were cut

here are the symptoms to this problem:

No Downloads (only Seeding in completed downloads)

DHT: waiting to log in...

DHT: login (0 nodes)

Ports are forwarded fine

Internet is accessible yet no ų download speed

Since all are having this prob its nothing to worry about

(the timing is so unlucky as it chrismas and are winter holidays and we cant even download movies from axxo)


(wish y'all a merry Chrimas and a happy new year)

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I live in dubai and ofcoz I had this "connection closed by peer" error since the day the cables broke but for the X-mas and the weekend i was @ abu dhabi and the torrents seems to work just fine there. I was DL @ full speed 4 3days while I was there.

Now i'm back in dubai and the torrents are still dead here. If it is the cables y is it working in abu dhabi ? :(

Any idea guys...

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Good News....Its BACK

Up n running....

I've got 10GB of data downloading at Full Speed

Fixed somewhere between 10 pm and 1 am today

(I stay up a LOT)

Man I was jumping around the house when i saw my router light blinking rapidly(which indicates heavy activity) and i checked utorrent


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