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Big problem from old user-Web browsers stops


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Hello. Im using uTorrent for sth like 2 yrs. And now i have problem:

When i ran uTorrent my all net browsers stop. I open Firefox, type www.google.pl. and only i get "Loading". There is no message about Error loading page. The page is loading for ever. I need to plug out my net cable, or restart connection and close uTorrent. Im using uTorent on laptop, so its not fault of network connection, cuz i try use it in many places (work, school, home) evrywhere wos the same thing.

I use some net statistic programs, and saw that my net browsers dosnt recived and send even single byte.

And uTorrent downloading with speed 0.5 kb/s

I tried azureus and its work fine. dosnt make any problesm, i used the same port in uTorrent, and still dont work.

Help me plz :)

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I have same problem.

I have windows vista 32 and asus router 520GC.

When i run utorrent 1.81, all internet trafic stops in internet explorer (just loading).

I first reset router and didn't help, then i disable and enable local area network and also didn't help.

Finally i restarted vista and everything worked fine. But when i run utorrent, traffic in internet explorer stops, but uttorent is working (uploading and downloading).

I should also mention, that i have done proper port forwarding, and still i have this triangle warning.

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