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Settings to Optamize Seeding when Uploading?


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I have 21 torrents seeding. 6 of them are of large size in like 6 gig. These torrents have 90 peers and only 1 seed which is me. What I'm looking for is a way to change some settings so that I can upload at a higher KB/sec to those peers that have the highest percentage completed, and eventually if they become seeds (100%) they can feed others.

If that is not possible, I'd like to get some suggestion on settings that will effect the uploading behavior in such a way that utorrent will upload to those IP's or peers that are sharing the most with others so that overall, if one is getting it from me at a higher rate, then others can feed off him.

I have 120KB of uploading bandwidth, if I setup number of upload slots to a higher number than one than it takes the available bandwidth and bunch of people download at 1, 2, or 3 kb rate which takes forever to complete a 7 gig file

The thing which I've tried is to limit the upload slots per torrent to 1 only, so that whoever one person it is uploading to is getting it at 15-30KB per sec, but the problem I'm running into is, utorrent doesn't necessarily upload to the guy that has most percentage. I would have 40 people that are sitting at 55% but it will start feeding someone at 2%. Is there a way to tell utorrent to give preference to the guy with most percentage compelted, because they have higher chance of becoming a seed and coshare the file. Or limit the time amount it feeds to the guy with 2% so it can quickly go back to people with highest percent completed or who share with others most.

To better my chances, I've choked torrents that have some seeds by limiting their upload speed to bear minimum and increasing the upload speed to unlimited and priority HIGH on bandwidth to those that have no seeds and have 90 peers each.

Please feel free to comment on any or all ways to influencing the behavior so that it can create more seeds sooner. Also comment on which setting to change or monitor to make sure that people that are being uploaded to are sharing with others and aren't just hording the files, by finishing and then going away forever.

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A uTorrent seed should be trying to upload full pieces to multiple different peers so they can share to each other. Uploading to the highest percentage complete guy just means you'll get screwed if that's a hit-and-run jerk. On the other hand...the guy with 2% probably isn't leaving anytime soon.

Reduce maximum connections per torrent if you want higher seeding speeds...that way your upload is not split between so many peers. (Do this as well as very low upload slots.)

Disable incoming legacy connections and have outgoing encryption set to FORCED -- to eliminate many of the worst claim-to-be BitTorrent clients. This will vastly narrow the people you're seeding to, so they can get the torrent out to others.

You could even firewall uTorrent so you're only uploading to those who can be connected to by everyone. Or in reverse, reduce net.max_halfopen to 0 for awhile to not make outgoing connections.

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I got the rest but not the last comment. I use utorrent while running Norton 360 firewall. What do you mean

"firewall uTorrent so you're only uploading to those who can be connected to by everyone"

And can you explain how reducing net.max_halfopen to 0 going to help. If i did that, would that almost not disable my downloading not that I download much. Most of the time I'm just seeding torrents and uploading.

I agree that I have a better chance helping hte 2% guy becuase, "Uploading to the highest percentage complete guy just means you'll get screwed if that's a hit-and-run jerk" SO IS THERE A SETTING THAT CAN DETERMINE WHICH PEERS ARE UPLOADING TO OTHER PEERS IN THE GROUP, SO THEY GET PREFERENCE.

And sometimes I see one ip sitting at 81% while the rest of 25 peers are at 30-40%, does that mean that IP at 81% is taking in more but not sharing outwards with other peers, and what can I do change that behavior?

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Norton 360 probably cripples uTorrent's ability to get and maintain connections.

(I have zero faith in any recent Norton products due to their numerous failures.)

Firewalled peers and seeds cannot connect to each other, so only unfirewalled peers make better sharers in theory.

Lowering net.max_halfopen to 0 is only to reduce your connections while seeding. Not something to do permanently...same with firewalling yourself while seeding.

Initial seeding has some control over monitoring who's sharing to others, but typically reduces your seeding rate for that torrent.

But in your case of 1 peer at 81% while 25 peers are at 30-40%, the 81% done peer is likely not sharing much. You can add that 81% done peer to ipfilter.dat :


Do note this is a permanent ban of that ip until you remove it!

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