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upload speed not updating after a change


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I think I found a bug. Sometimes when I have a high upload speed (200kb/s) I notice that I can't watch say youtube videos, which is to be expected. When I go into pref, and manually type in a number, say to 100 or 50 kb/s... the upload rate stays the same.

I noticed for today, That I used the the mouse to click the down arrows, and the speed magically decreased to where I wanted it.

So to manually decrease upload limit, one has to use the arrows, but manually typing in an entry doesn't work, at least for me.

I am using Version (13906) and the beta before it didn't allow me to do this either.

Thanx for a great program. Speeds are a lot more consistent and faster than Transmission. I'm using leopard 10.5.5

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