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Peer Tab - % & Peer dl not updating


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Noticed this the last few days, i was working on some paperwork and had the peers tab open on screen before u think im a saddo :)

Anyway, i've noticed since upgrading to 1.4 that sometimes it doesn't update a users "%" and "Peer dl." in the Peers tab, although it correctly shows the right information on the tracker.

What's even more spooky is the fact that i only seem to notice this with other uTorrent 1.4 users (well, that's what they're reporting to the tracker as...could be some faker i suppose).

Anyone any ideas?


got a couple of screenies aswell, one from 20:53 and one from 21:08 showing that the stats havent changed, but the amount uploaded has...if i can put them up somewhere...





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