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Resume / reseed problem


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I have changed the directory structure that I had on my hard disk for my downloads. I have changed the names for better organizing the directories.

I had µ 1.4 downloading 4 torrents of 700MB each from a public tracker. DHT is ON. They are single AVI files, nothing else inside the torrent.

Of course after changing the directories and restarting µ my torrent list was empty. As I have done several times with Bitcomet or Azureus in the past when I like to resume a torrent or just re-open it for seeding I re-opened again the first already downloaded .torrent file (from the hard disk), this torrent was going to be only seeded as it was already completed. I pointed µ to the new folder where the files are located now and clicked OK. As expected µ started to check the file but with great sorprise I saw that the check validated only 95%, and started to download instead of seeding.

I stoped µ and inmediatly made a binary comparisson between the checked file and an exact copy that I had previously made to another folder. Total Commander revealed that the files were now different. Basically µ has deleted some part of the file for redownloading it again.

This situation is a little dissapointing. It was good that I had a copy of the AVI because this torrent was really slow and that 5% could have taken me hours to re-download.

Why has this happened? What is the correct way to do this for that µ doesn't delete a part or damage the already completed file (in this case) or a file that has already been partially downloaded like let's say 80%?

I have never have this problem with Azureus or Bitcomet.

Thank you very much for your help.

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im running 1.4 and ive had a number of problems with torrents "having a file missing" upon attempted resumation of the program.

like you say they begin downloading when they have been completed and seeding previous to stopping/restarting the program.

what ive found is that by closing the program and waiting a bit it will ususally restart fine.

im not sure why. furthermore i do not know what happens in that period of time that satisfies the program.

its frustrating.

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