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Finding and Adding Trackers


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Hey everyone on utorrent, I've been using utorrent(1.8.1, Windows XP SP2, Linksys WAG200G) for around a month now and I'm, pretty satisfied with it. I've been downloading torrents the usual way, searching and downloading them through certain sites.

For every torrent's trackers tab, there is always a DHT, Local Peer Discovery, Peer Exchange, and a URL which I assume is the tracker, right? In certain torrents the 1st 3 things I listed earlier have 'not allowed' status, and in those torrents the speed is pretty slow.

My sister then mentioned something about find and adding more trackers to increase torrent speed but I have no clue about that, and she's not telling. Can anyone help me with this? I'll appreciate it very much! :D

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