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Connection is fine, downloads are dead.


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Hello everyone.

I'm trying to download some new stuff, and I was getting incredible rates earlier today. I was using bitcomet, and I am used to getting very poor rates [30 kb/s is a good rate for me :/]. I picked a different port at random and began to get 150 kb/s on one particular download, which is very fast for me. I began to browse reddit.com, and then bitcomet hasn't been able to upload or download anything at all since then! Then, I was tipped off by a friend to get uTorrent, a superior form of software. Now I'm using it, but my downloads are doing nothing! I can download rapidshares and I can browse the internet fine, as you can all see. I've tried opening up my half-open connection thing, and trying all sorts of different ports. I've done nothing to change my firewall [but I have been getting more popups lately...] Does anyone know what I can do to get my rates back?

and this is my speedtest: 380362315.png


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