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Speed issues, going between a 400kb/sek to a 10kb/sek cap


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So, hello there Im new on these forums but spend hours trying to figure out why Im starting to have issues with my Utorrent about after a half year.

First of all, my connection is a 4mbit/512, running Vista without windows firewall, forwarded ports through my Linksys WRT54GS v7 (Firmware Version: v7.50.0)

Anyway. After a while I figured it might be "smart" to add a lot of downloads on my list at the same time, running actively instead of the regular 2-3 at a time.

It seemed to work just fine, although now I start to see an issue, with my download speed either being capped out around 400ish, spread on either 1-2 or 6-7 torrents at a time, but out of the blue sky they all drop to a cap of 10kb/sek for what seems to be a random time, back to full (or at least a lot higher number - also note my upload drop down to around 1-2 as well - regular is 20-45).

So I started to read up on guides, other threads etc although a few seem to have a somewhat identical issue, I cant seem to find an identical with an actual solve at least.

I also tried out guides, Ive not really touched the active connections etc at all, 250 max connections and 90 as max pr torrent with few or many active torrents It all seems the same, same issue and all.

The green mark remains static which shouldnt indicate firewall issues, nor do my net in any way seem at fault, I can download other files outside of uTorrent for full speed.

I cant think of anymore info to add, ofc using latest 1.8.1 version, havent tried anything else with the advanced menu so all should stay default values. All my other scans etc should indicate my computer is virus/trojan/spyware free etc.

Any help would be good, thanks!

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