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possibly ut related, really really weird problem (reward)


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I have a torrent box at a provider that shall remain unnamed (but it's possible it's a issue with the host itself)

I have irc scripts downloading .torrent files which are being auto loaded by utorrent

On large packs typically bigger than 10-15gb (which have lots of rars) and typically are 500K to 1MB in size are being downloaded as 0 bytes or in some cases 58 bytes

utorrent deletes the torrents it loads so these 0byte torrents get left in the folder

Smaller torrents including packs like 5gb of tv or a single show torrent download just fine

I'm running debian etch with xfce4, and at some point I did an apt-get update apt-get upgrade

recently I updated my curl and wget to the latest versions

another odd thing is when I go to wget the 0 byte torrent from the torrent site it downloads just fine (at very high speed too) and isn't 0 byte (should also mention no one else is getting 0 bytes)

I can't figure out why a larger size .torrent would be 0 bytes while smaller ones download just fine

it's possible I suppose utorrent could be trying to load / delete it before the dl has completed?? I'm gonna try turning off the delete feature but it could even be the loading feature causing the file not to be writable???

I'm using 3 different scripts with 2 different irc clients and all are doing the same thing

The packs are freeleech and large so it really really blows to be missing them

any suggestions leading to the solving of this issue will get a 20 euro present from me (via paypal)


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a it's not fat32 it's a linux debian etch server

b the packs are made up of lots of rars, files never excede 100mb in size (scene releases only)

I think it might of started after and update but I can't recall for sure

there must be some software in commen between the 2 scripts that is messing it up (one uses wget one uses curl so thats not it)

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well it's more than one script written by different people in different programming languages that use different software to download the files :(

also sometimes utorrent fails to load a perfectly good full size torrent file

edit:I think I fixed my 0byte torrent file problem myself

I did 2 things at once: moved my download folder and watch folder to a location /home/mishkin/.wine/drive_c/torrent/ utfiles/, downloads/, torrentfiles/

So then in utorrent the paths are set like C:\torrent\torrentfiles\ , utfiles\, downloads

And seccondly I turned off delete loaded torrents in utorrent

Not sure which fixed it, before I was using a /home/mishkin/downloads etc path and in utorrent listing them as Z:/home/mishkin/ etc, and sometimes ut would switch the forward slashes to black slashs perioidcally

so If I had to guess it was putting the dirs in the virtual c drive that did it

- One guy suggested a mod for a script on only one stie which didn't seem to help, another guy suggest a 5 seccond sleep before downloading the torrent incase it's a server busy/timeout, but again that didn't seem to help

I've now undone both of the above suggestions and it seems to be working so yay me

was really starting to think I wouldn't solve it

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