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CCleaner has produced strange things in my system when I have used it. It works for many people tough, but I have seen many also that have noticed strange things after using it. I don't use its Registry cleaner, only for cleaning other garbage. If it works for you it is a very neat program. In my PC I can not see the status page on Network Connections anymore, it works clicking on the toolbar, but not right click connection and chose STATUS, or double clicking it :(

I use JV16 Powertools 2005 as registry cleaner. It is a very good program http://www.jv16.org/ and it was freeware for a lot of time.

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I've tried like 6 or so cleaners to determin, which one would work best for me...and each of them still found stuff after whatever was running before, claimed that the registry was clean.

Just a word of caution....I don't know yet, which cleaner caused it....but when the test was done, I had to re-install the registry from my backup.

At least one of them apparently cleaned out a little too much...so it's a good idea to back up your Registry before you experiment.

Among the ones I tested were Registry Help Pro, Registry Repair 2006, Registry Mechanic, Registry Medic, Complete Registry Cleaner and Tune Up Utilities

The last two I have used forever without any problems...so I suspect the culprit in one of the first four

I'll update this as soon as I can reproduce the behaviour


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