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Uncompleted torrents


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yes, basing on autopsy, though, not the whole file may be imported.

i belive it's like when importing file from the other torrent, e.g. when you 've been downloading small files, and then a "bigger" torrent which consisted of these files, the apropriate data will be recognized already downloaded data.

I just don't know why not the whole downloaded data is imported, it could be be cause azu' is able [or rather there was an option when i've been using it] to save parts of the single torrent pieces

[we know that every torrent consist of little pieces that have certain "volume" e.g. 256kB, 1MB and azu' is able to save part of it, so somethings goes wrong you don't lose the data from not finished packets] and i think that those parts are recognizaed as corrupted and aren't imported as downloaded, but to re-download.

Any way it's just my opinion and thinking.

And once again, i was able to import the torrent from azureus into µTorrent

but i've lost several %, abt 5 from 80, so i swallowed my pride for sake of switching onto the new client :)

Also i suggest you, to copy the already downloaded file, open the torrent in µTorrent and set the download directory to where the file sits, µTorrent should recognize, that you have something dowloaded already, and will try to adapt this data.

This way you can safely see if it works for you.

Oh, and i think that importing data works only with preserving space for the file in both cases, in other word with out dynamic allocating space. I forgot the proper name :). In that case, whatever client you are using, the data in the file should be always in the same space, so i belive it's easier to analzye and adapt it.

Sorry for my english, all the mistakes and the length of the text.

Thank you ^___^

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