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utorrent problem


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Hi. i have been using utorrent for a long time. I didn't had any problems with downloading or uploading. Suddenly, the downloading & uploading stopped. I noticed the following things in the utorrent window:

1. It shows actual no. of seeds & peers.

2. Ratio & Availability will always be "0"

3. DHT: Waiting to login

4. In tracker status, it either shows "HTTP Error 503" or "offline(timed out)"

5. When I minimize it to system tray, the download & upload speed keep ticking (varying). But very low, like 5 - 10 kbps.

Please anyone help me.

Thanx in advance!!!!!

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Having the same issues with the Http error 503 from just one site. Just does not seem to ever go Blue. Always red. Went to the the slackware site and clicked a torrent to download and it went perfect right away with blue and great speed. Running 1.8.1. is it just this particular site and do certain sites need settings changes? Thanks.

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