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What's the optimal way to download?


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I've noticed my download rates are highly variable. Sometimes when I have just 10 torrents downloading, I'm only getting 80kbps. If I increase that to 20 or 25, I can get up to like 400kbps.

Other times though, having 15-20 downloading is actually much slower than having less.

I'm guessing it depends on the specific torrents.

I always seem to have 30-100 in the download queue and I hate when I'm only getting 1/5 my possible download speed. Is there any general guidelines to maximize your overall download rate?

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║ 512 kbit/sec ║ 47│ 4║ 40│ 100║ 4│ 2║

These settings are just stupid though. I applied them for the sake of it and my total download went to 80kB/s when it was at 280kB/s before. Maybe the settings are more efficient by some means, but it surely isn't measured by overall download speed.

What if there is only 1 peer seeding the torrents at 2kB/s? My total download rate would be 4kB/s for like a week with only 2 active.

My old values were much higher, right off that chart. I realize they probably aren't the most efficient for me either, so I wanted to tweak them.

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I'm interested in finishing downloading the torrents as fast as possible.

A. 2 active, at 80kB/s

B. 15 active, at 280kB/s

Which is stupider? Obviously the recommended one (A) is stupid as it will take 3.5x longer to download the torrents, which is my ultimate goal.


My goal is to have as close to 500kB/s download speed as possible, 24/7.

Most of my torrents have only 1-2 seeders.

Any other advice would be great.

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What's your problem dude?

If I have 10 torrents active I can easily have 400-500kB/s downloading in total. If I have 2 torrents downloading, there's almost no chance of that, because barely any seeders can seed me 200-250kB/s.

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