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UPnP problem/Possibly my router?


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Like a month ago, uTorrent was working perfectly. My downloads were hitting good speeds and I was able to see that friendly green check mark.

Now recently uTorrent has been acting up. All I have been able to see is that yellow warning sign telling me there is no incoming connections. Like any other time before, I'll just change the port number once and it'll turn green, but this time it won't turn green it just stays yellow no matter how many times I change the number. I started getting an idea that the source of the problem is the UPnP port mapping, so using a UPnP tester, such as one provided by Microsoft themselves; the conclusion was that I apparently do not have support for UPnP, which doesn't make much sense since it was working before.

I'm a little hazy about my router being the problem because port forwarding was green before and after I got my router. Also, the router itself has an option to enable UPnP. Well, if you need more information, I'll be around. I don't really have a single clue what's stopping the forwarding.

Router: Dynex Wireless N

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- Windows firewall is active but I don't think it's the problem since, as I said before, utorrent was doing good and that was with the firewall on.

- As for Antivirus, the same thing applies. I'm using Avira Antivir Personal and all that does is keep tab on the files store on my computer, nothing network related.

- Ever since I got the router, haven't touch the settings at all. So I don't expect anything has change.

- What about the IP address?


Don't know what happened, but I ran that Microsoft test again and now it says my router supports UPnP. That's good and all but uTorrent still isn't green on port forwarding. There's still something wrong and I just can't figure it out.

More news: Torrents such as Slackware and Open Office reaches good speeds but I'm still not green yet.

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