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µTorrent reporting incorrect numbers peers and seeds


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Hi all

I have searched and read the FAQ but can't find the answer.

I have been an user of µTorrent for some time but have lately noticed that the numbers of peers and seeds shown are not correct.

This is just 1 example ...

The forum / tracker reports a file as " blah_blah.avi.torrent ( Full Size: 1.59 GB, Seeders: 9, Leechers: 0"

TorrentSpy reports " Complete 9" (which is correct)

µTorrent reports in the general tab " Seeds 0 of 5 .. Peers 0 of 2

but the numbers don't add up.

Any clues please.

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Well not only do the numbers not add up, but your showing peers in the swarm which neither website is telling you. Which leads me to assume the websites are slow on the update.

But also the websites show the swarm figures. The figures you posted in your post are who you are connected to. These figures sometimes don't match, you just probably never noticed it earlier.

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If only it were that simple....

As Sys opp I have instant access to the tracker db and can confirm that the forum is reporting the true result... as is TorrentSpy

uTorrent is not only incorrect in its totals but also showing peers when non exist.

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Thank you for your reply Firon

Ok... soooooo

µTorrent does a scrape.... and then returns an result that then depends upon a connection to the peers inorder to find out as to if that peer is a seed or not !!!

Ummm... please forgive my doubt, but if torrentspy can give a true answer in a matter of 1/2 a second ... and µTorrent cant even get the total correct... I am realy thinking that its µTorrent thats geting its sums wrong

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TorrentSpy is showing you a scrape value.... Correct

µT isn't............

But why isn't it... would not a scrape for the total numbers of peers on a torrent be the best way of showing what the tracker is reporting, then µTorrent could then see who is connectable..... at least the totals would be correct.

The Torrent is not stopped.. but just for a laugh I did stop it, and set bt.scrape_stopped to true.

My tracker shows Seeders: 11, Leechers: 1 on this torrent

TorrentSpy shows the same

µTorrent shows Seeds (0)3 Peers(0)3

When I restart the torrent it still shows (0)3 (1)3 / Seeds 0 of 3 connected (0 in swarm) / Peers 1 of 3 connected (0 in swarm)and I am indeed connected and uploading to 1 peer.......

At least the 1 peer is correct..


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TorrentSpy is showing you a scrape value, µT isn't. Unless of course, the torrent is stopped (and you turned on bt.scrape_stopped), in which case the values should be identical.

but they're not.

I've seen this lots of times. I thought its because of the tracker, but it happens on different trackers. (torrent stopped, bt.scrape_stopped turned on)

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Just done another test on a torrent that has 37 seeds and 9 peers

Torrent spy again reports correctly 37 /9

µTorrent reports 32 seeds and 14 peers .... now by a strange quirk of fate the totals do match up (46) !

And maybe just maybe.... 5 of the peers reported by µTorrent could have firewall / port issues and thus may be reporting as unconnectable so are put into peers rather than seeds !

However........ Could we not have the best of both worlds ?

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i normally pay zero attention to the number of peers outside the ( X in swarm ) brackets, unless there is a peer leeching who's not in the swarm (i only use private trackers).. However, on at least half the 12 torrents I'm seeding, the number of seeds/peers in the swarm is incorrect. I know others have reported this issue with 1.4. Especially on torrents where I'm the only seed, it will show 0 in swarm for seeds.. This behavior wasnt there in 1.3 and below.

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So the method µTorrent works is that it does a scrape and then does some strange and wonderfull sums with the result.

So strange and wonderfull that it forgets to include somewhere the true result of the scrape.

X = I'm connected to

Y = The number of peers in uTorrent's internal list as obtained from the tracker and\or cached peers it remembered from previous sessions, or a random value that has no bearing on reality. or not as the case maybe.

May I humbly request that Y= The value returned in the scrape.

Or have I lost the plot ?

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I also have the same issue with "incorrect" number of seeders shown.

Downloading the same torrent with uTorrent and Bitcomet (running at the same time, and torrents started within 5 seconds of each other on same pc) I get a different number of seeders with each client, usually higher with BitComet.

Stopping the download in BitComet does not affect the seeders in uTorrent.

How can the same torrent have such different statistics?

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Found something in the faq that may explain my situation:

"Why does µTorrent show less DHT peers in the status bar than BitComet / Azureus?

µTorrent only shows the number of DHT nodes you are directly connected to. BitComet shows peers that are more than one hop away (connected to peers you're connected to), which inflates the numbers. Azureus, on the other hand, shows an estimate of how many peers there are in the DHT network."

Is this the reason why the stats are so different for the same torrent using different clients?

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Thank you for the reply Firon

But the numbers are still not accurate in relation to the scrape..

Forum reports " Seeders: 56, Leechers: 5"

Torrent Spy gives accurate result to scrape, 56 and 5

µTorrent (Build 421) shows in the General Tab Seeds 40 Peers 8 (which are the same numbers as shown in the list)

The HTTP response details from the tracker are.... completei56e10:incompletei5e4:

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What's tracker status saying? If it's anything but working, that'll happen. And some trackers don't report scrape values in the announce reply, which also causes that. Of course, this is with a started torrent. If it's a stopped torrent, then it'll show 0 in swarm when the scrape fails. You may also need to turn on bt.scrape_stopped

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