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Wrong speed reported to tracker = BAN


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Being an torrent happy-user for a long time now i get a "warn" on a private tracker (deviloid.net). They said my client is reporting an UPLOAD speed that is too high (more than 600KBytes/sec when my ISP connection is up to only 75KBytes/sec). I'm wondering know how this can happen to do the repair on my system and maybe many others...

Everything else is working very fine on my PC, good speeds, stable, very-low retransmitted packets.

My system is set-up to the "Best Settings" recommended at this forum AND on Win-XP settings (TCPIP) founded at "speedguide" and "dslreports"; as is:

Single PC connected to Internet via Cable-Modem (Motorola SBV5120), no router.

ISP: Cable PPPoA, download = 4Mbit/sec, upload = 600kbit/sec (presumed not TS)

uT v1.8.1 B12639

Win XP SP3 PRO Pt-Br full updated

PG2 RC1 test2-2

COMODO CFP v3.5.57137.439 + CFM v2.0.4.20

NOD32 v2.70.39

Sempron 3000+, MB MSI-7145, 1GB RAM, 410GB HDDs, 3C904C-TX 3COM NIC.














































uTORRENT SETTINGS (only what is selected, not-mentioned are un-selected):


Preferences/General---> Pre-allocate all files

Preferences/UI Settings---> nothing to do with

Pref/Directories---> nothing to do with

Pref/Connection---> Port used: 60XXX (nothing else)

Pref/Bandwidth---> Maximun upload rate: 56kB;

Alternate upload rate when not downloading: 70kB (stable)

Maximum download rate: 450kB

Global maximum number of connections: 160

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 32

Number of upload slots per torrent: 4

Pref/BitTorrent---> Ask tracker for scrape information

Protocol encryption, Outgoing: Forced (un-selected Allow incoming...)

Pref/Queueing---> Maximum number of active torrents: 5

Maximum number of active downloads: 2

Seed while: Ratio: 0 or seeding time is: 1500 min.

Seeding tasks have high priority than...

Pref/Advanced---> bt.graceful_shutdown: *true

bt.no_connect_to_services_list: 20,21,22,23,25,69,70,79,110,113,123,135,137,138,139,145,146,445,465,623,995,6666,6667

dht.rate: *1 (disabled)

gui.bypass_search_redirect: *true

gui.graphic_progress: *false

gui.log_date: *false

gui.tall_category_list: *false

ipfilter.enable: *false

net.outgoing_port: *60XXX

net.wsaevents: *5 (green light is ok)

queue.slow_dl_threshold: *19600

queue.slow_ul_threshold: *3920

rss.update_interval: *15000

webui.token_auth: *true

Pref/Advanced/Disk Cache---> Override automatic cache size and specify the size: 128MB

Enable caching of disk writes

Enable caching of disk reads

Remove old blocks from cache

Disable Wndows caching of disk writes

Disable Windows cachinf of disk reads

Until now (and not considering that private tracker) i didn't got any "warn" or "ban". And i don't know how to check this, since the upload speed is reported to the tracker, not to me... If i go for some trial-and-error settings i will be banned, lose all my ratio, and can't be able to create a new account with the same NIC-MAC / Computer-Name...

Does somebody have an idea of what is messing up with the upload-speed-rate reported to the tracker?

Many thanks in advance. Great work, great site, great app.



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Yeah... those 100Mbit ppl don't let the bits go thru my poor 600kbit link... this is not the case.

Adm-people at that tracker are very agressive with cheaters.

They compare everything they can with the collected data to ban cheaters, wich is very good.

And second to them, my client is reporting speeds that are supposed to be unreal. My uT is showing normal speeds at status-bar, graphics, and at the torrents (always under 72KB peak).

Any idea?

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Yeah stop dwling porn!!

More seriously, if you didn't cheat, the problem comes from the tools from the tracker to detect potential fakers... :/

A classic detection is the detection of an high flat UL speed when the average UL speed is low, especially on torrents with few peers.

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A possible explanation?:

That tracker probably is having issues of its own...which caused your uTorrent to miss a tracker update. The next tracker update, the whole amount you downloaded/uploaded gets reported and it thinks that's a near-instantaneous amount and it looks like cheating.

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my thank's to moogly & Switeck.

just to be clear: i don't cheat, period.

and, as i see at this moment, nothing can be done.

so, i can't prove that i'm not cheating and i can't prevent from being false-charged. because there's no way to show/prove to the tracker what is happening.

is it? no way?

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Ask the tracker about any outages they've had...ESPECIALLY around the time of your supposed cheating?

Even missing a tracker update may be throwing them off. Lots of tracker software is complete junk...

You could do research on what tracker software they use if they're willing to tell you that much.

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can't have any information about outages or sw, just nothing.

seems that, they treat suspicious as guilty!!! i'm very disapponted and frustrated.

i'v tried. and i wasn't there only for 1 day (more than 1,5TB uploaded, ratio +5,5, over 1yr.)

no-go. no-way.

well, let´s find another tracker... and no-more 24x7 uploading, no-more ratio over 1-1,5. EVER.

meanwhile, if any new light comes through the tunnel...

THANKS, Switeck. You were very kind. A special 2009, happy and healthy!

Best Regards,

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I'm undigging this topic because I had a similar issue recently with tracker T411.

After 2 years of happy downloading, I have been flashed at 15 MBps by the tracker and thus banned from it.

I use an ADSL connection which doesn't exceed 100 kBps and do not have a seedbox and so on.

I use uTorrent 3.2.3. Are there any bugs with this version that could explain what happened ?

I understand that a tracker outage might explain this from previous posts.

I also had an issue with 2 torrents : the files were downloaded all right, but the torrent file stayed in the folder where uTorrent looks for new torrent to load them.As a result, each time I started uTorrent, it added this torrent as new, checked it against what was downloaded and then considered it finished immediately.

Until I found out why this behavior occured, several weeks had passed and I had dozen of duplicate entries in my completed torrents.

Could this be also a possible reason for the speed issue with the tracker ?

Thanks for your help !

edit: for typos

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