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is this normal? lol


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Is this normal? This is the first I've ever seen something like this occur...lol.

Would this be tied to maybe that seeder running in super-seed mode? Looks as if he's trying to get all peers to 99.9% before letting anyone complete? Unless he has just blocked all of us at his firewall? lol.

In the copy peerlist, Im seeing

though i dont know if that matters.

P.S. like that edit? :P

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Well... it does happen.

It's a way of ensuring that everyone stays connected and seeding.

However.... it may also be that the releaser / seeder has included a file in folder of the release that cant be uploaded / downloaded... like thumbs.db, in which case 99.9 is as good as it gets.

Is it an .avi ? ... try playing it !

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nah, it was a .pdf, and i just disconnected, and it finished now :P

Maybe it's a feature of Azureus? lol. I mean, I guess it sorta makes sense; to keep everyone's progress in sync so 1 person just doesn't jump off the swarm and leave everyone hanging. hehe

Firon, what was that edit? lol ooooops

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