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Slow DL speed (Vista Ultimate) problems


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Hello, I have 2 computers, a PC with vista ultimate sp1 and a laptop with xp pro sp3

I used the same settings for both of them, and the laptop at the uni. downloades at maximum .. while the pc at home barely downloads ..

I have a Cable connection, I'm from Israel and my ISP is 012, 5MB\512kb...

I can upload at 60-64kb but I usually upload at 30-40 depends if my internet get laggy or not ..

but the download speed is usually at 20-40 as well .. sometimes it reaches 300-400 but very rarely ..

I tried the same torrents on both computers (one at home and the other at the uni.) from regular and private trackers ..

My connection settings are :

max download rate 610

max upload rate 35

global maximum number of connections 65000

maximum number of peers per torrent 25000

number of upload slots 25

and the use additional upload slots is checked

the queue settings are:

maximum number of active torrents 120

maximum number of active downloads 30

I tried lowering but it didnt help ...

those are the same settings I use on both computers ..

also, in the properties of my Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) there is an option called FLOW CONTROL, should I disable it ?

and should I disable QoS Packet scheduler ?

Ive added a pic. what does the SHARED means ?


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Israeli ISPs tend to not play nice.

But your settings are just plain moronic for your connection.

global maximum number of connections 65000

maximum number of peers per torrent 25000

This will outright kill your computer's network stack if other marginal network components don't die first.

Choose the xx/512k settings from the speed guide (ctrl+g in uTorrent) or from Switeck's chart

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