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stop - and resume downloading later


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***** warning *****

brand new user - please don't frown at a possible silly question ...

I have just started my very first torrent download - which is supposed to last a few days, it's a few-multi-mega file ...

Is it possible to stop a torrent download, switch off the computer, then resume the download next day ? Please detail your answer.

I have perused this forum (up to page 20) and found nothing about this subject. FAQ's and help file were of no help too.

Thank you very much for any help.

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Thank you Moogly.

I wonder what exactly I am supposed to do the next day ...

After switching on the computer, and opening microtorrent, shall I repeat exactly all the same steps I took before, when I started downloading the torrent file for the first time ?

Will the program automatically discover it's about a former (incomplete) download, which is to be continued ? Will it seamlessly resume the download ?

Or must I do something ?

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uT is a torrent manager so it will continue to download the data where you stopped them the last time.

Same thing for the torrents your are seeding.

uT use config files in %appdata%/utorrent like resume.dat and settings.dat. You NEED to save this folder before reinstalling your OS or formatting your HD in the future.

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