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Why don't you use the greek letter "µ"?


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selecting an application bundle and pressing cmd+i will show you some information about that bundle. There you could also add tags to the application, like "µtorrent, bittorrent, torrent". The next time you search for "torrent", "µtorrent" or "bittorrent" in spotlight, spotlight will find the utorrent application bundle.

Might be a good idea to include these tags on the utorrent.app-folder by default ;)

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Just summarizing my thoughts:

A) You can change the name of the app yourself to suit your taste.

B) Quicksilver and Spotlight don't need the first letter to perform a search. If you type "tor," the app shows up as well. Personally, I'd rather type "ut" than "µ" as it's faster from the home row, and Quicksilver is all about sticking to the home row.

C) The OP wanted to know the actual reason why the dev team chose to use "u" instead of "µ" in the title of the application. Naming solutions is somewhat off-topic. Naming guesses is on topic but not the actual answer.

D) Quicksilver uses a special character set in its app name, "Quıcĸsıɩⅴεʀ." So, it's certainly not a new thing in the Mac world to use odd characters in an app title.

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