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f?*?* download speed


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Ok heres what happened the slackware sat there in position 3 did nothing even thought it showed plenty of peers and seeds. So I moved it up the queue - all of sudden the other two torrents I was d/l jumped to huge speeds between them 900 and 120 or so.

Then their speed dropped to 20 and 10 and the slackware moved up to 260.

Then the other two jump up and down between 70 and 80 and back down to 20 and 10.

In the meantime in the background I am uploading already finished torrents around 25 or so the upload speed in total stays around 120 - consistently

I had problems with my old ISP with throttling now I changed ISP one minute like I say speeds are great the next very slow.

What is going on any clue?

Incidentally slackware is now around 500 - should I leave it running or just dump it?

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I know, i have not been trying to fix the problem yet, we are doing what's called "diagnosing" first. just trying to figure out if the problem is on the computer or the torrent, if its still jumping it sounds like a computer/configuration problem, so start going through the guides for speed stuff and seeing if you can fix it, try other clients, see if that fixes it. I cannot tell you a step by step process to fix it, that's not the way these things work, they take time and reasearch and alot of testing.

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