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Selecting specific files from a download


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I have been using a slightly older version of uTorrent. I just downloaded 1.8.1 and I am having trouble figuring out how to download certain files and not others.

For example: Let's say that I click download on a torrent file that has 5 avi movie files in it (for example, a full length movie with split screens). Let's say in this instance I only want to download 3 of the 5 avi files in this torrent. With the older version of uTorrent what would happen first is that the the window would come up and I would choose to open the torrent with uTorrent. UTorrent then opens and a window would come up showing me the contents of the torrent. I could then un-check the files that did not want. This way I am not wasting bandwidth (and screwing up my ratio) on files I am just going to trash anyway.

How do I get the window to appear asking me which of the files in the torrent I want to download?

If this is not possible can I un-install this version and install an older version? What order should I do things in so that in progress torrents are not lost?

Thank You

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In response to:

Settings > UI Settings > check "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent"

I already have that checked! Any explanation?

Should "Activate the Program Window" be Unchecked? Does that have anything to do with my issue?


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