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Green tick box but Port still prompts ERROR!


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Hi guys,

i could use some professional experience and support here.

I have wireless router D-Link DIR-615 and i have correctly forwarded the port

on my router. I have done it several times in other routers of mine and my friends.

Strange thing is that i have Green Tick Box on the GUI but when i test the port

through the speed guide, it pormpts me error.

Result: Speeds are not going more than 50kb/s on a 4MB internet connection.

My friend who is living in Europe gets 700kb/s on a 1MB line. :-(

Thanks in advance for your help guys!

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Don't let the bandwidth/speed units confuse you. :P

A 1 megabit/second line maxes out at 128 KiloBYTES/second theoretical bandwidth max.

Usable speeds may be as little as 100 KiloBYTES/second.

Someone says a 1 megabit/second line can download at 700 KiloBYTES/second...isn't really talking about a 1 megabit/second line. :P

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Thanks for the very comprehensive and analytical post references.

I will try to read them all :rolleyes

However, do you have any idea or assumption on what exactly may have happened?

The port is forwarded normally in the router, the green tick box is there

but the port testing prompts an error :(

What the heck is going on? I am so confused :(

Thanks man for the reply once again!

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