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Terrible Speed Since Computer Build...Please Help.


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System Specs:

- AMD X2 6000+

- Nvidia 8800GT Graphix card

- Asus M3A78-T Motherboard

- Vista x64 Home Premium Edition

- AVG Free Virus Protection

- No Firewall atm

- Linksys WRT54G2 V1 Router (Firmware up-to-date)

- Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem

- Comcast Cable ISP

Screenshot of tasks running before opening utorrent.


Screenshot of Speedguide settings under utorrent.



Now that you guys know my current setup, let me give you some details about my problem. I just built this computer about a month ago and never really noticed any speed issues right off the bat with my WRT54G router but then we had a ice storm which severed my power line to my house which caused a huge surge and the only thing not plugged into a surge protector was my router. Well, I had all the issues with my WRT54G router sorted out and otherwise it worked perfect so I went and got the newer style WRT54G2 V1 router to replace my old one. Since then I have noticed I get extremely slow speeds on this computer (<10kbps up&down for each torrent). My old computer still gets normal speeds when using utorrent and downloading the same files. I assumed that the problem was the router but the router is working fine with my old computer so now I am thinking there is something wrong with the hardware of this computer or a compatibility problem.

Things tried:

- Downloaded AMD Dual-Core Optimizer

- Tried to download the AMD Processor Drivers recommended in a thread on this forum but it isn't compatible with Vista x64

- I lowered the net.max_halfopen from 8 to 5, which didn't work so I moved it back up to 8.

- peer.lazy_bitfield is set to "true"

- Tried lowering the Global Connections

- I enabled protocol encryption

- Disabled DHT and then changed back to default.

- Disabled UPnP and NAT-PMP and then changed back to default.

- Router config has Port forward set to proper port with utorrent and proper IP address.


I have tried to be descriptive as possible in hopes you guys can help get this sorted out. I miss my downloads! I have tried to go through your written troubleshooting tips in other threads and have drawn blanks.

Thanks in advance.


Just went back to Ultima's Troubleshooting guide and tried to do the patchwork for Vista but neither command worked in Command Prompt on my PC so that got me absolutely no where.

Update: My Vista PC still refuses to to get any sort of speeds going what-so-ever. I decided to shut down utorrent on my Vista PC and mess around with my XP SP3 PC for a little bit to see what exactly was going on with it. So, I chose 2 torrents that I have been trying to download on my Vista PC the past couple of days and as soon as they entered utorrent I was getting really weird speed fluctuations. 1 of the torrents would jump to 7MB/s download speeds and half the torrent would download and then it would just die all the way down to 5kb/s, then the other would take off and jump up to 5MB/s download speeds, then it would fall back down, then they would both stable out around 40kb/s each. I usually get about 300-500kb/s speeds consistently through this same host. Anyways, now they stick around a very mundane 40kb/s download speed each, I am getting huge spikes in upload speeds sometimes all the way up over 1mb/s. Now first of all this is weird because I am only paying for 6mb/s max and up to 1.5mb/s upload speeds through my ISP and I have been downloading torrents for a long time and I have NEVER reached speeds over 1MB/s download on a torrent let alone almost 8mb/s. This was all on my XP SP3 PC keep in mind. My vista machine will not reach any kind of up or down speeds over ~20kb/s. I am lost right now because there is nearly no known issues with my specific router after some googling but that is probably because it is rather new to the market maybe. There are a few articles out there about Vista having a issue with it limiting traffic but I am getting craziness from my old machine too.

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Any chance you were briefly downloading those 2 torrents from one computer to the other through the LAN at 50-100 mbit/sec speeds?

2nd link in my signature, choose 1 megabit/second settings at first.

Disable DHT, LPD, and Resolve IPs.

Set outgoing encryption to FORCED but allow incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections.

The Vista machine report any 4226 errors in its event logger?

(If so, that's a sign that net.max_halfopen is at least occasionally too high.)

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