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File Icons Changed Color to Red??


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Ok this is a bit odd - I've been having browser speed issues while uT is running, so I followed Switeck's suggestions on down/up limits here:


and Ultima's suggestions here:


. . . including patching TCPIP.sys. Rebooted router, modem, and box, and restarted uT.

It seems to have helped the speed issues to some extent, but the icons for individual files/seeds have changed color in some cases.

I currently have 1 active seed and two active downloads. Whereas the active seed previously had a blue "up arrow" icon next to it, the icon is now red. It's still an up arrow, but it's red. Peers shows 12(39), so I assume it's seeding properly.

As for the two files in the process of downloading, one has a blue "down arrow" icon next to it, but the other has a red "down arrow" icon. Both appear to be downloading (although fairly slowly). Should I be concerned about this? Usually red means "this ain't working the way it should," so I'm wondering wtf happened.

I'd like to buy a clue, please, Pat!

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