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Need HELP - seeding problem, doesn't recognize files


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I created bunch of torrents uploaded them and they were seeding fine for days. Then accidently my hard drive went out and I had to reinstall utorrent.

The location of my original files for the torrents and the torrents that were created were luckily on another drive.

Now that I'm up and running again, I double click on the torrent, the torrent comes up, shows me the subdirectories etc, I click ok, and it's added to the list.

Then I right click the torrent name and do Open containing folder

I get the following:

The path 'd:\xxx\xxx\torrent title' does not exist or is not a directory.

I click OK

At this time I right click, Adavanced, set download location, and pick out the directory where all the files are already there, 100% original from where I created the torrent.

Now when I do right click the torrent name and do Open containing folder,

this time it opens up the original folder with all the files.

Then I press Play button, where the expected behavior is suppose to be that it will show in the status column, checking and once it checks the files 100% it will report that all the files are there and start seeding,

Instead it doesn't check, and in status bar, shows for one moment,

quened, and immediately goes to downloading and starts downloading from other peers, and overwriting my original files.

Something has gone wrong, i don't know. Please help.

I hate to recreate all these torrents and reseed them, and I'm not sure if they will be the same again. I took me a while to seed and all I want to do is to go back to where I was before crashing, which is to seed my 100% original torrents.

Please help.

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You are GOD. Thank you. You just saved me so much hassle. Thanks a million. It worked.

Now since you know utorrent, I have couple of following questions.

1. When I'm seeding, I have people that have 90% of file, 85%, 70%, and bunch of them at 1-30% range. In the past i got advise that I shouldn't concentrate on creating seeds by the method of using ipfilter and manipulating the bandwidth allocation bytes for upload, and priority, because who knows these seeds will go away forever. Here is the question.

1. There is a chance that the guy at 90% may be a good person and will remain a available seed. But while I see the data is being uploaded to 1-30% completed users, the 90% has remained at 90% over three days. So my question is, does utorrent in its alogorithm has something that picks up those portions of my files that both the guy at 30% and 90% need, so it will fill the pockets of both at the same time, or the 90% can get part of his file form 30% or does it not work that way, and 90% will have to wait his turn when it comes?

2. when creating a new torrent, utorrent only allows you to pick a file or pick a directory, although it has the option to skip file, but this has a big limitation. Here is what I mean. since utorrent will only bunch up files under one directory, i then am locked into keeping my files, in the way, I grouped them for the torrent forever, in order to keep my torrent healthy and seeded, otherwise if the location changes, so goes the torrent. Is there a way make a torrent by picking only some subdirectories and leaving out the other? I looked for outside softwares also but didn't find any that will let you select more than one directories to include in torrent, while skipping others. Any suggestions?

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I wanted to move couple of folders from within on directory to another so I followed the following steps:

To relocate or rename individual files in a multi-file torrent:

1. Stop the torrent.

2. Move or rename the desired files.

3. In µTorrent, select the torrent, then click on the Files tab. To simply change the save location for multiple files, select the files, then right click > Relocate. To rename an individual file, select only one file at a time, right click > Relocate and repeat for each file.

4. Browse to the new location for file(s).

5. Start the torrent again.

But when I force-recheck it the torrent, it only comes up with 98.3%. When I go to the files tab, it seems that part of few files is red. Is it possible that when utorrent was making pieces of files, that it may have a piece or pieces that has half of it components sitting in the original location, while the other half was moved and it can't reconcile?

Then I moved those two folders back to their original location, and it goes back to forece-recheck at 100%.

Any suggestions?

instead of messing with this make a torrent then relocate files/directories within it to other locations, where they should have been to start with, why not let people make a torrent, and include in it, different sub directories from more than one locations?

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