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BUG REPORT: Problems with removal of external USB Harddisk


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All my torrents are located on my external harddisk

The same error happend to me in two diffrent ways:

1) Removal of the external harddisk while uTorrent was running

2) The harddisk was not connected to the computer, when uTorrent startet


uTorrent startet to create a foldername in /Volumes/Name of external harddisk/...

Normaly Mac OS X mounts my external harddisk to this location

/Volumes/Name of external harddisk

But uTorrent creates a new folder on my internal harddisk with the name of my external harddisk.

And starts to continue the downloads on my internal harddisk

When I reconnected my external harddisk, Mac OS X realised that the mount point "Name of external harddisk" was already taken and named the new mounting point "Name of external harddisk 1"

The solution was to manualy move the folder from /Volumes/Name of external harddisk to my Desktop and delete it there, then restart uTorrent and Force a Recheck.

In my eyes it would be much better, when uTorrent checks if the Harddisk is removed, and then stopps the download of the torrent. In no case should be a folder with the name of the harddisk created in /Volumes/

Once this has happend, it can only be solved with some skills in the terminal application...

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