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bug...really need remedy: NO SPACE (not just a message)


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Hi everyone,

I know there is the "Startup disk almost full" bug, and that's [kinda] what I'm running into.

Except it's more than a message.

And it's not coming back.

This happened once before with the very initial beta release...the space [seemingly] spontaneously came back (I don't think the program was running), and then when it did, I stopped using utorrent immediately.

Just a couple days ago, I updated to the newest version, thinking that would be a remedied issue, but now I'm having the same issue.

I know these things take times to fix...and I have NO problem with that; I can wait...

...but I DO need my space back. I don't know if there's a temp file I need to delete, etc. All the data was being saved to an external/network drive, and I confirmed it did indeed go there.

I've ran disk utility from an external drive to see if it would "find" the space and recover it.

I've shut down.


I honestly cannot think of anything else. I have "25 megabytes free" on my hard drive right now, when I know I really have ~15gigs. I've waited a day or so to see if the Mac would resolve this on its own (like it seemed to last time)...no such luck, and I'm really starting to worry.

If anyone has a suggestion, please do let me know! This honestly IS NOT a complaint about the software...it's beta, and it takes time -- I understand that...all I need is to "recover" the space. :)

my system:

macbook pro c2d, 2.6 ghz, 4gb ram.

Thank you!!!!


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You run a program like DiskInventoryX or OmniDiskSweeper and find out where the space is going to. If you do, could you report back where it's being eaten up?

Alternately, you *could* run "du -h" in the terminal, but that doesn't sort the files and show whats taking up the most space. So, looking through a list of every file on your drive might not be the best thing to spend your time doing.

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I just finally found the root of the problem: utorrent had created its OWN folder under the /volumes folder.

I will try and attach an image, but essentially it created a volume named the same as my actual external drive (a Drobo) on jan 4th, one that remained in the volumes folder...even when the drobo itself was disconnected from my machine. And, as I suspected...it was ~21GB in size. Interesting issue...and I had honestly just accepted the fact that I was going to have to completely reformat -- though I'm very glad I now do not have to!

Hopefully this information will be useful to you in future revisions of the app. :)

Edit: the pictures was just showing the location/size ... nothing important. ;)

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Known, as in:

"John, you're a dumb-ass and should have already known that,"

or as in,

"Oh, yeah...we're already aware of that."


Just curious if I should have already known about this issue before posting; I did look over the FAQ-troubleshooting page, though maybe I skimmed over it?

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  • 1 month later...

John, specificaly how did you fix that error messages?

I had the 'startup disk almost full' messages withid the first week of having an imac.

I clearly had 260gig and used only about 10gig and I was shock that it said full.

I unistalled it and used Transmission now, but I still know utorrent rocks.

Help please.

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I don't know if there's technically a "fix" in utorrent yet...but I ended up just deleting that "folder" utorrent had created under /volumes -- which recovered the space.

If the team has fixed that glitch, then it may be safe to go back to utorent. In the meantime, I'm just sticking with transmission. I'd rather them take their time than rush things out anyway. :)

Hope that was of some help!


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