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Preventing uTorrent from sending data over a VPN connection


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Normally i have absolutely no problem at all regarding connections and speed...

However, as soon as i start a vpn connection (i use this for work, to start a rdp session), i have no real way of controlling which interface is used by utorrent.

When i set net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip, the connections will indeed go through the selected interface, however it will not connect to any tracker anymore, reason for this is that it will use the vpn connection for http requests (it should use net.outgoing_ip however).

I tried alot of combinations of settings, and most give the same result (except some cases where it wouldnt make any connection).

For normal traffic i dont care if its going through the vpn, but with downloads it can be ALOT slower.

I guess we could also blame microsoft for not supplying some advanced options when using multiple interfaces/gateways to control which data is send/received from which interface. For example when i download something via http, i never know wich interface itll use.

Are there any other users out there who have a similar setup and know how to resolve this?

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