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Media Player or 'Open With...'?


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Hi uTorrent moderators, been using the program for a long time now and appreciate it's size and simplicity.

I understand there isn't much chance of getting a media previewer of some sort from reading previous posts, but perhaps there is a way of solving the problem:

-An 'open with...' option when right-clicking on a media file.

-Another option may be 'select default program to run this file type', to save in config.

This wouldn't dilute the purpose of uTorrent as a media player might.

I use winamp for my media library, but hate the loading times when i wanna check out a clip. After changing the double-click settings, I'm now in the habit of double-click then right-click->'open with'->'media player classic'.

I COULD reassociate my files with media player classic, which would solve this particular problem, but the convenience of such an add-on would make it a popular one in my opinion. I don't imagine it would add more than 1K in size?


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